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Holland & Hart LLP does not solicit resumes through Craig's List, and any offer of employment on Craig's List that is purportedly from H&H is a hoax.

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The demands of practicing today's law can make it difficult to maintain a healthy balance between success at work and satisfaction at home. True for anyone, it is most obvious when a family is involved. Holland & Hart has created work and benefits specifically designed to help people attend to their personal needs in ways that allow them to have a life and give 100% when they're on the job.

Our allegiance to these values is what distinguishes Holland & Hart LLP from the rest of the pack.

If your goal is to work hard in a collegial environment where mutual respect, diversity and professionalism converge, look no further! Holland & Hart LLP has a long-standing tradition of hiring attorneys who possess intellectual and interpersonal prowess and have a passionate commitment to the community around them.

Holland & Hart LLP is no ordinary law firm. How could a law practice started by two irreverent Western outdoorsmen in the raging economic aftermath of WWII be anything but unique? We live and work on the frontier (physically, intellectually, technologically. . .you name it).

With more lawyers among the Best Lawyers in America than any other law firm in the Rocky Mountains, we work on cutting edge legal issues with clients whose interests and businesses span the globe or line small town main streets.

Holland & Hart was recently ranked Among Top in the Country by the American Lawyer's Associates Click here to read more.

Holland & Hart is the largest law firm based in
the Mountain West, with more than 400 attorneys in 15 offices in seven states.