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Why Work at Holland & Hart?

"I knew coming to H&H was a good bet because of its strong reputation, both regionally and nationally. I also knew that it was a place where I could do interesting and challenging work. But the real reason that I came here, and that I am still here, is the people I knew I would be working with - people who I can respect, learn from, and genuinely enjoy spending time with. In that I have not been disappointed. "
- Christina Gomez, Associate

We are committed to the growth and success of the firm by providing full service to our clients and their emerging legal services needs. We consistently hire lawyers with prior experience in other practice settings - senior associates and partners alike - and view them as important and strong contributors to our clients' satisfaction.

We also consistently hire lawyers who happily make the move from the biggest of national firms - you know, those big-city bi-coastal firms? Denver is big-city enough for us, and apparently for them too.

In addition to associate level lateral moves, we are always interested in exploring ways to expand our capabilities by bringing in partner-level lawyers, as well. As you'd expect, compensation and benefit packages for partners are unique. They are most often negotiated instead of following a set schedule. So if you are a partner-level attorney considering a lateral move, check out this web site for the basic info; then start a conversation about your future at Holland & Hart by contacting Sarah Earnest at

Click on the "Career Opportunities" link to see what we're currently looking for. But don't be shy about contacting us, even if you don't see an opening listed. We're interested in your ideas too!

"Having spent the prior 20 years as a partner at two other Denver law firms and a stint as General Counsel at a client, it was a delight to discover - in early 2006 - the unique home that is Holland & Hart.  Although many firms talk about their "teamwork" and "culture," Holland & Hart's lawyers actually live it.  Every partner really does take his or her sabbaticals - which could never happen at many firms because you would worry about the other lawyers "stealing" your clients.  We even have a "no jerk" hiring rule, designed to make sure that each member of the firm not only treats his or her partners with respect, but also associates and staff.  This firm is a terrific place to work and, notwithstanding its size, a warm and caring environment."
- Sue Oakes, Partner

"I was attracted to H&H by its open and collegial atmosphere and the commitment of the lawyers to balance an excellent and engaging law practice with a high quality of life.  Much has changed in the practice of law since then, but that atmosphere and that commitment have endured.  "
- Wiley Mayne, Partner

"When I chose H&H I was clerking in the Second Circuit and specifically looking for a job in Denver. I knew after spending a couple of days in town and interviewing with a variety of firms that H&H was where I wanted to be. A huge part of that decision was based on the people that I met at H&H. I was influenced by how wonderful, warm and genuine they seemed as well as how much they seemed to enjoy practicing law at H&H. I was also very excited about the quality of work that the attorneys seemed to be doing."
- Billi McCullough,Partner